Two Businesswomen Shaking Hands In Modern Office
Two Businesswomen Shaking Hands In Modern Office
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"With open arms and loving hearts we welcome all women of all nations, cultures, faiths, religions, spiritual paths, and beliefs."

The mission of Women of Excellence, Women of Faith is to provide education, inspiration, and support for 1,000,000+ women and girls every year, to help them excel in all areas of their lives (mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, and in their relationships).


This outstanding program is 100% funded by kind people who understand the importance of providing excellent education and trainings that strengthen women and girls in every area of their lives. This FREE program is extremely valuable; it is worth many thousands of dollars.

WEWF content has improved women and girls' lives throughout the world for over 30 years (see our many testimonials and comments from three U.S. Presidents). And now, the Women of Excellence, Women of Faith program is available to you for absolutely no cost. We invite you to participate and to invite your friends to participate, also!

Participants can access:

  • Many free audio, video, and written trainings and courses presented on the WEWF App.
  • Training Worksheets, Action Steps, and Assessments that are included for optimal learning and practical application of the trainings.
  • Additional information and videos on the WEWF website.
  • Bi-monthly Support Calls on Zoom (using phones or computers).
  • More information and inspiration by listening to the WEWF Radio Show.
Dr. Paula Fellingham at Netherlands Global Women's Summit - Copy
Global Women's Summit

Participants are taught how to:

  • Believe in themselves and in their abilities and talents.
  • Achieve a level of self-mastery to help them significantly improve their lives.
  • Be supportive partners
  • Become entrepreneurs, starting and growing their own businesses (optional).
  • Be confident, effective leaders.
  • Be healthy and fit, enjoying abundant energy.
  • Create and enjoy financial stability.
  • Improve in every area of their lives.

The WEWF Team is committed to helping 1,000,000+ women and girls, every year, improve in all areas of their lives. We have:

  • Over 40 years of experience building and executing similar projects.
  • Two excellent “Delivery Platforms” – the WEWF App and website.
  • Proven Systems and Processes.
  • High-quality curriculum: courses; books; audio and video trainings (with new content added continually).
  • Qualified, experienced trainers.
  • Online training expertise.
  • Media (radio, podcast, video, etc.) expertise.
  • and International Women’s Day events to use as significant marketing tools (International Women’s Day is the largest women’s holiday in the world).

The WEWF Process

Participants will…

  1. Register using the link below, or on the free WEWF App (on your phone).
  2. Receive your WEWF Welcome Video and easy access to all courses, trainings, support calls, etc.
  3. Learn on your own time, at your own pace.
  4. Enjoy bi-monthly WEWF Live Training and Q&A calls on Zoom, presented by WEWF Educators. You can email your questions and they’ll be answered during the Question-and-Answer part of the call. Email:
  1. Receive additional information and inspiration when you listen to the Women of Excellence, Women of Faith Radio Show, hosted by Founder Dr. Paula Fellingham.